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lunes, 7 de octubre de 2013

Animation Demo Reel

jueves, 26 de enero de 2012


This was my final assignment for TS3070 Video Editing and Compositing, in Kingston University. I suffered with this one. A lot. Specially with the final scene, where I had to combine a 3D rendered animation in Maya with original footage and I just lost the count of how many things went wrong in there: render dancing shadows, broken geometry, problems with exporting and importing, animation not matching the video movement because Maya hates mankind and likes to do what it wants instead of what you command it to do (just rotate the head to the left, just in the x axis, NOOO DON'T TILT IT UP! Ashhh), all this, plus my Parkinson coffeeholic pulse made it hard to match movement in several parts... good thing is that scenes are seconds long and don't give the viewer time to actually spot the mistakes :D I am thankful to all my fellow classmates from Kingston, who kindly cooperated in the making of this vid.

Here, the unedited version:

miércoles, 18 de enero de 2012


A photomanipulation made of several, several photo parts. I made this demo for the Mattepainting class I teached at ITESM Univesity. Based on this simple sketch I also made:

Birthday present

A small "Happy Birthday" Flash animation I made for my boyfriend :)

FatStudent promo.

I created this Flash animation as a proposal to promote a project the company I was working on back then (Inovaz) was working on.

Doritos SnowWild

I made this short Flash animation for a contest held by Doritos, a crisp brand that was about to release a new flavor to the market and used crowdsourcing to get their new campaign done. This was my entry, which of course got lost between the thousands of entries :D

Death Note

This is a Death Note parody animated in Flash I made after reading a
webcomic I found while surfing the net. I liked the idea, so I made it in motion :)