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jueves, 26 de enero de 2012


This was my final assignment for TS3070 Video Editing and Compositing, in Kingston University. I suffered with this one. A lot. Specially with the final scene, where I had to combine a 3D rendered animation in Maya with original footage and I just lost the count of how many things went wrong in there: render dancing shadows, broken geometry, problems with exporting and importing, animation not matching the video movement because Maya hates mankind and likes to do what it wants instead of what you command it to do (just rotate the head to the left, just in the x axis, NOOO DON'T TILT IT UP! Ashhh), all this, plus my Parkinson coffeeholic pulse made it hard to match movement in several parts... good thing is that scenes are seconds long and don't give the viewer time to actually spot the mistakes :D I am thankful to all my fellow classmates from Kingston, who kindly cooperated in the making of this vid.

Here, the unedited version:

miércoles, 18 de enero de 2012


A photomanipulation made of several, several photo parts. I made this demo for the Mattepainting class I teached at ITESM Univesity. Based on this simple sketch I also made:

Birthday present

A small "Happy Birthday" Flash animation I made for my boyfriend :)

FatStudent promo.

I created this Flash animation as a proposal to promote a project the company I was working on back then (Inovaz) was working on.

Doritos SnowWild

I made this short Flash animation for a contest held by Doritos, a crisp brand that was about to release a new flavor to the market and used crowdsourcing to get their new campaign done. This was my entry, which of course got lost between the thousands of entries :D

Death Note

This is a Death Note parody animated in Flash I made after reading a
webcomic I found while surfing the net. I liked the idea, so I made it in motion :)

lunes, 16 de enero de 2012


This was a photomanipulation I made for the winner of a personal contest I ran in DeviantArt, soon after the Avatar movie hit the big screen:

Contest: Call for entries page design.

Idea behind that was to bring traffic to another website I have, project I abandoned soon after due being hired in two different places and barely having time to breathe, eat, sleep and overall have a proper life. But ask me about my wallet back then :D
Here, the speed up process:

Extreme Makeover.

One of these days when boredom strikes hard and you happen to have some photoshop at hand, this kind of stuff happens:

Jocelyn Wildenstein if her surgery wouldn´t have gone wrong

Iggy Pop, Sawyer version.

3D Vacuum cleaner design

Assigment 1, Fundamentals of CGI
3D CGI Masters, Kingston University

Uploading here one of my first attemts at the 3D world.

Dragon Girl

After Green Whisper became popular, I got contacted by a particular who wanted to commission me an illustration in a similar fashion, but with different creature at hand. This was the result.



miércoles, 11 de enero de 2012

Abigail's Prayer

Merry Xmas!

This one was created to wish a merry Xmas to everybody, back in 2006.

Ville Valo

In 2008, Royal Flush Magazine made a portrait contest, with Ville Valo, frontman of the Finnish 'love-metal' band HIM, as main subject. I won said contest with this image, also the deluxe Venus Doom version of their disk, magazines, clothes and some other goodies.

Random Exercise.

There is a technique in Digital Painting whose name I can't remember, and whose dynamic consist in throwing random strokes here and there until you can make sense out of the caos. This was my attempt on these fields.


This image was inspired by a picture of a friend of mine. I sold the rights of use to Mexican writter Oscar Sánchez Cervantes, who used it as cover for his book "Pensamientos, Secretos y Reflexiones".


Half hand drawn, half digital, this image came to my mind while waiting for a plane in the airport. There is something about flying that makes me draw little cute creatures alongside huge, scary beings.

Green Whisper

My first one hit wonder. This image is based in a self portrait I took once I rescued a baby bird that fell from a tree. Adding some tweaks, photoshop plastic sugery and industrial amounts of green and this is what you get.
This image was featured in Ballistic Publishing Exotique II:

ImagineFX magazine...


...and has been ripped off countless times:

A friend of mine who lives in Germany sent me this.
Seems I am the cover of a Psycho CD

Someone created an app in Facebook
where I was renamed as "Ethina",
and you earned experience if you come talk to me.
Listen kids, I am wise :D

These are the ones I have evidence of. There are also wallpapers, phone desktop themes and tees, according verbal testimony. Welcome! Some pennies this way would be nice.


My friend Marisela and I went to a lake a couple of hours from our hometown. After the obligated photo session, I choose a picture of her and based this painting on it.

Second version.