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miércoles, 11 de enero de 2012

Green Whisper

My first one hit wonder. This image is based in a self portrait I took once I rescued a baby bird that fell from a tree. Adding some tweaks, photoshop plastic sugery and industrial amounts of green and this is what you get.
This image was featured in Ballistic Publishing Exotique II:

ImagineFX magazine...


...and has been ripped off countless times:

A friend of mine who lives in Germany sent me this.
Seems I am the cover of a Psycho CD

Someone created an app in Facebook
where I was renamed as "Ethina",
and you earned experience if you come talk to me.
Listen kids, I am wise :D

These are the ones I have evidence of. There are also wallpapers, phone desktop themes and tees, according verbal testimony. Welcome! Some pennies this way would be nice.

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